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Our Producers

We’re proud to bring you a carefully chosen selection of food and wine from our extended family of remarkable and dedicated producers in Italy: anchovies and tuna from Cetara on the Amalfi Coast, artichokes and vegetables in extra virgin olive oil from Rome, top quality pasta from Gragnano, flavourful tinned tomatoes and sauces from Pachino in Sicily, award-winning chocolates from Emilia Romagna and Piedmont, glorious wines from the cool high slopes of the Dolomites to the sun-drenched volcanic soil of Mount Etna and many famous vineyards in between; jams and honeys, regional cured meats and cheeses, olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

This is just a selection of the products we stock, so please do come into our shops to discover more delicious Italian foods to enjoy at home. They make great gifts too, and we’re always delighted to make up a hamper for you.

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Pasta, Sauces and Rice

We stock a selection of top quality pasta from the best producers in Gragnano, the world famous pasta-producing town 30km South East of Naples. Both Afeltra and Garofalo are family businesses that have been established for a very long time indeed, and both have a world-class reputation. We also stock ready-made sauces such as basil pesto, tomato pesto, beef ragout and wild boar ragout, porcini mushroom and tomato and many others. Sometimes the simplest of these are the very best, such as Campisi’s sauce made with Pachino cherry tomatoes seasoned with basil, onion, salt and celery. Good quality pasta, this sauce with a little extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese makes for a fantastic meal. We also stock classic Arborio and Carnaroli rice for making perfect risottos.

All products can be purchased in our stores

Olive Oils and Vinegars

Discover our hand-picked selection of top quality olive oils from small producers all over Italy, plus classic traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena.

All products can be purchased in our stores

Antipasti and Crackers

Discover delicious savoury nibbles to enjoy with an aperitivo, to liven up a salad, to spread on bruschetta or crostini or to complement cheese and cured meats: green tomato paste, green and black olive paste, pâtés made with artichokes, mushrooms, aubergine, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes; Romanesco artichokes in olive oil, rolls of grilled aubergine or courgette stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, tuna stuffed chilli peppers, black and giant green olives, sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes and more. Crisp breads, crackers, grissini, taralli and other savoury biscuits are excellent accompaniments for cured meats, cheeses and antipasti, and we have a wide range available.

All products can be purchased in our stores


Italians have been preserving fish to create wonderful delicacies for thousands of years. Delfino is the company founded by the Battista family just after the second world war. Based in the delightful fishing village of Cetara on the Amalfi Coast, they specialise in preserving the local anchovies and tuna using recipes handed down for generations. The quality is just superb, and we stock a wide range of their specialities. Try the belly of tuna in olive oil, unmatched for flavour, or the grated dried tuna eggs - Bottarga - which are fantastic on pasta or as a seasoning. Make a stunning sauce for spaghetti by adding a little anchovy essence to olive oil, fresh parsley, garlic and peperoncino.

All products can be purchased in our stores

Jam and Honey

We stock a wide range of jams and honeys from Terratosta, the company dedicated to sourcing the finest products only from Irpinia in the Apenines, about 40km east of Naples. They feature elegant combinations of ingredients such as Persimmon Jam with Cinnamon, Black Fig Jam with Walnuts, Annurche Apple Jam with Mint and Annurche Apple Jelly with Coriander.

All products can be purchased in our stores

Sweets, Chocolate and Biscuits

Italy excels in the area of confectionary and chocolates and at La Bottega we are pleased to offer some superb examples such as the world famous Fiat chocolates made by the award-winning Bologna firm of Majani, established in 1796. The coffee roasting business of Sant Eustachio, based in the heart of Rome since the 1930’s, makes great coffee using the best fair trade Arabica beans. We stock their chocolate coated coffee beans and chocolates with a liquid coffee centre. We also stock the Lavolio collection of sweets with fruit, nuts and spices, coated in a sugar-spun shell, all handmade in Turin according to ancient traditions. Italians also love their sweet biscuits, and we have some great examples from Terratosta, a company dedicated to sourcing the finest products only from Irpinia in the Apennines, about 40km east of Naples. We also have irresistible wafer biscuits from Babbi, a family run business in the heart of Romagna known worldwide for its delicacies.

All products can be purchased in our stores


We are delighted to bring you a carefully chosen selection of Italian wines from some excellent producers. Most of these wines are hard to find in the UK. All of them are delicious. With a fixed £10 mark-up per bottle, they also represent great value for money.

Our staff are always happy to give you suggestions for food to pair with our selection of wines, and with our range of top quality Italian groceries in store, you can take home all the ingredients you need for a delicious meal with minimum effort involved.

All products can be purchased in our stores